Bringin’ Most of it Back Home

So I figure that none but a couple confidants knows anything about my last few months here. I’ve been busy and blissful and enjoying things unwritable, which is an excuse. Rather than try to catch up on my second semester at UIC, I’m going to skip right ahead and tell you all about the future (I figure I have a few insights, since I’ve been experiencing my days about thirteen hours ahead of most of you for some time now).
-I have less than two weeks left in Zhuhai. That’s that.
-I finish work (such as it is, we’re basically on summer holiday now) on June 15th.
-On Bloomsday, I will head out to Hong Kong and spend a week, once again on Lamma Island, with my dear friends Ryan and Cindy.
-On June 22 I will fly to Cebu, Philippines for a friend’s sister’s wedding. A couple birthdays and a few beaches later, I will leave my friends and go to San Juan, Southern Leyte to visit my brother’s host family from his time in the Peace Corp.
-On July 7, I will fly to Shanghai, spend the next couple weeks bumping around central Eastern China, and then jump over the water and land in Korea, where I will spend equal parts of a week with my pal Sunny (and meet his new daughter!) and my Sean.
-On July 31st, at 4:46pm, I will arrive at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. I would like somebody to organize a task force to have a puddle of loved ones waiting who may take me to their bosoms and carry me to Hard Times to watch me eat, drink, and smile like an idiot for a few hours.
-I will stay in Minneapolis for two days, going back to St. Joseph on the evening of the 2nd to see my moms and catsit for them while they voyage the Yukon. Anybody who cares to come by the St. Joe homestead for a visit between August 4th and 18th will be met with hugs and hot chocolates.
-From the 19th to the 26th, I will head North with Sam to counsel at Camp Warren.
After August 26th, there are no explicit expectations of me for the rest of my life.

I will not be taking my computer with me while I travel this summer. If you want to get in contact before I come home, please try to get ahold of me as soon as possible and we’ll skype (or something).
Much excitement.
More love.


13 Responses to “Bringin’ Most of it Back Home”

  1. Fred Says:

    Perfect. This is perfect. College RoboCop Steinburg, rightful heir to the Fleichmann’s fortune, I shall assemble a task-force to fetch you comprised myself and several other sterling personifications of charm and good-nature to fetch you from the airport. Then, Hard Times. Then, kisses!

  2. dalesingham Says:

    Ohhh I can’t believe Fred beat me to it! What I was going to say was, re: this bit: “I would like somebody to organize a task force to have a puddle of loved ones waiting who may take me to their bosoms and carry me to Hard Times to watch me eat, drink, and smile like an idiot for a few hours,” I am SO THERE and that Fred and I would be all over it. So, now you know, x2. I, personally, will give you kisses before we arrive at Hard Times. I can’t be sure as to why Lord Torvik thinks kissing should only happen in the punk rock diner. I am so excited that I’m having trouble even being creeped out by the idea of being part of a “puddle.” I love you so much and am so excited!

    • Fred Says:

      I’ll give Colin one pre-Hard Times kiss because I’m rather fond of him. However, I can’t know what sort of plane food/smells our friend will have absorbed in transit. Thus, I shall freely distribute the smooches when I can be sure that Colin’s primary ouder is salsa. Not sorry.

  3. Sean Says:

    My Colin ❤

    Will you be getting a new phone at least while you're on a computational hiatus?

    • Sean Says:

      I wanna be able to call you at least.

      • Fred Says:

        Sean, when are you coming home? I’d love to hang out with you again. Last time was far too brief.

      • sean Says:

        Well Fred,
        I just signed upmfor a third year starting in August. I might need a rain check 🙂

      • Fred Says:

      • cstanhill Says:

        I will still have my Chinese phone, though it won’t be working while I’m in the Philippines. The number is 15992698804, but at least one attempt to call it through skype has failed. Worth trying anyway.

      • sstanhill Says:

        I meant a phone once you get back to the “world”

      • cstanhill Says:

        Ah so. Well, I’ll get one soon enough but my old one is quite broke and gone. I think I saved my sim card, but I don’t know if that’ll preserve my number. I kind of want to get the cheapest, simplest, least attached phone available. I’ve heard of the jitterbug as an option.

  4. tré Says:

    Hard Times and kisses and drinking and smiling? Count me the fuck in.

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